For a limited time, Stewart Sport and Spine Physical Therapy is offering $21 initial consultations with treatment included! 

Only $21

What you'll receive at your consultation:







You will be working with an expert in your spine, shoulder, ankle, knee, etc. pain. Someone who has seen your issue frequently and has been extremely successful in helping many others similar to you find long lasting pain relief.

Following a detailed examination, your expert will determine the root cause, or main issue, that is causing your pain. The discovery of the root cause of your pain will help determine your treatment plan, timeline for recovery, etc. going forward.

After treatment to the root cause of your pain, an individualized treatment plan will be formulated and discussed including an estimation on how long it will take to solve your pain, what your future treatments will consist of and the total cost of your treatment. 

If I cannot provide relief on the 1st visit, I will not accept you as a patient.

- Dr. Josh Stewart

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Many people have unfortunately wasted time, money and energy on treatments and devices that only focused on addressing their symptoms, not the main source of their pain. This more often than not leads to frustrated patients with little results to reward for their investments in time, money and energy. At Stewart Sport and Spine PT, we will be able to prove to you on your first visit that your issue is something we can truly help you with or help you determine that your best fit for success may be with someone else. Regardless, we make it our mission to set you up for success whether it’s working with us to resolve the root cause of your issue or by referring you to another amazing healthcare professional. Your best interests are always at the forefront of our mind!

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